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Founder of Vancouver Yoga Review, Taya is an avid yogini and health & wellness enthusiast. Additionally, she is the Co-Founder of GNG Media Inc. where she oversees all public relations for the company’s lifestyle websites. Apart from yoga, other passions include music, tennis, food & travel: She has lived in Brunei and South Korea, and has spent extensive time in the U.A.E. When she’s not working or practicing yoga in Kitsilano, she can be found relaxing on tropical beaches.

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Vancouver Yoga Review’s Co-Founder, Tracy, is a traveler first and foremost. Her affliction for embarking on global exploits is virtually unmatchable (okay, except perhaps by Taya!). Travel is her life, in fact. When not in Vancouver, she travels the globe producing exciting videos that are featured throughout the webosphere as well as across major US networks. In recent months, she’s traveled/ filmed in El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala and the Bahamas. A couple of her favorite travel memories include enjoying midnight tea with Egyptian friends in Cairo and searching for the world’s best taco (the spicier, the better!) in Mexico City. Through all of her travels though, she is always plainly aware that the journey is indeed far more important than any destination. 

Which is why she loves yoga. Yoga is a journey she began a couple years ago, and she is constantly inspired by all of the wonders (and inspiring yogis and yoginis) she discovers along this path.

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Born and raised in Metro Vancouver he’s a swimmer, longboarder, golfer, and runner, with a sprinkling of hockey and martial arts, when away from physical yoga. He’s a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia with a major in human geography (urban studies) and a minor in philosophy.

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Sarah is the owner and head movement coach at Moveolution; a Vancouver based consulting company focused on the integration of movement and recovery science. Bridging the gaps between the clinical and performance fields Sarah’s passion stems from lifelong passion of Yoga, Jujitsu, and Qi Gong; which she integrates into her coaching practice. She is a full time social change maker, a ‘run-a-muker’ of everything outdoors and repeatedly engages in random acts of compassion.

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Amy, an experienced writer and yoga instructor, holds a Master of Arts degree in English and is a Certified Yoga Teacher. She is currently a manager and instructor at Hari Om Yoga in Langley, and has been practicing a variety of styles of yoga for over five years. Amy recently returned from living in New Zealand where she practiced Ashtanga and Iyengar, and typically enjoys practicing Power and Hatha.

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Anne is a yoga teacher, fitness instructor and personal trainer in Cloverdale, British Columbia. She is a writer, and dedicated dog parent. Anne studied Journalism in Toronto, where she began practicing yoga, and hasn’t stopped. You can practice yoga with Anne online at www.YOGO.tv.

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Kat is a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. She has been instructing Flow, Hot & Core Yoga classes since 2008. Her students love her energy, her voice, and the experience she gives them. She keeps her students challenged with new ideas, engaging them with music, props & visualizations. They explore movements of strength while keeping the mind calm and centered, and they leave her class refreshed and ready to embrace life’s challenges.

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