Love My Mat – Handmade Yoga Accessories

Love My Mat – Handmade Yoga Accessories

Love My Mat is an environmentally-friendly Canadian company based in Ontario that was founded in 2008 by mother-daughter team, Shelley and Kathy. The duo lovingly hand craft unique yoga accessories made from reclaimed fabric, organic ingredients and responsible materials. Their line of eco-conscious, made-in-Canada yoga gear includes yoga mat bags, eye pillows, meditation cushions, bolsters, mat straps and stretch straps. They offer a varied collection of beautiful prints from gently used patterns making one-of-a-kind designs. Love My Mat recently sent us a few of their lovely products for review, so read on to learn about each item we received…


Love My Mat’s Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, the company’s original product, is a versatile yoga mat cleaner made from only four ingredients: citrus extract, tea tree oil, lavender and water! These three USDA Certified Organic ingredients are powerful antiseptics, strong enough to kill ninety-nine percent of germs but gentle enough to spray directly on your skin. The natural, fresh scent concoction is safe for daily use on all types of yoga mats, straps, blocks, and bolsters. So how do you use it effectively? This cleaner is a quick-dry, no wipe formula, so you simply shake the bottle gently, spray lightly (six to eight times) and let dry. In a minute, your mat is clean, dry and ready to roll up for your next yoga session.


Love My Mat’s “Sitting Pretty Pillows” are their version of the traditional Meditation Cushion or zafu to raise the hips and alleviating discomfort, making the entire range of cross-legged sitting positions more stable for the meditator. Firmly stuffed with buckwheat hulls for comfort and support, this unique aqua & grey sit pillow is and covered with a pre-loved fabric made from a tablecloth Shelley found at a local thrift shop. The machine washable and dryable cover has a convenient handle for easy transport to and from yoga studios.


Love My Mat’s Eye Pillows are filled with organic flax seeds to block out distracting light and add gentle acupressure to relieve facial tension. The subtle scent of aromatic lavender helps deepen relaxation and relieve stress. This eye pillow is pure bliss during savasana and aids in calming the body before bedtime. You can even us it cold to alleviate swelling and headache pain. And just like all of Love My Mat’s yoga products, each eye pillow is made with recycled fabric so each design is unique. The eye pillow sent to us is one-of-a-kind, made from a gently used duvet cover from Shelley’s aunt’s closet.


You can help support this environmentally-friendly Canadian company by purchasing Love My Mat products via and at select retail locations in British Columbia and Ontario.

**If you make a purchase through Love My Mat’s website, then you can use the code YVR15 to receive 15% your order within the next 30 days!**

New Shoot Pictures Yoga & Pilates DVDs

New Shoot Pictures Yoga & Pilates DVDs

New Shoot Pictures recently sent us some fitness DVDs for Vancouver Yoga Review, including four different yoga practices, prenatal pilates exercises, and even a ballet body workout. Filmed with some of the top yogis and fitness experts in the United Kingdom, these quality DVDs are just some of the offerings New Shoot Pictures presents. Read on to learn more about each one…


Elements of Yoga: Earth Foundation — Tara Lee is one of the UK’s renowned yoga teachers and has a popular three-part DVD collection called “Elements of Yoga”. The first DVD in the series is based on the earth element and is designed to build the foundations of a yoga practice suitable for all skill levels and abilities. This DVD is divided into three 20-minute sequences which can be played in succession for a complete yoga practice, or as separate sessions for those with time constraints. The practices build a strong foundation of stability in the body, mind and spirit. Ideal for releasing symptoms of stress, these practices leave viewers feeling grounded and calm. If you are brand new to yoga or at the beginning stages of your practice, then this is a particularly appropriate DVD for you.


Elements of Yoga: Air & Water Flow — The second DVD in Tara Lee’s Elements of Yoga series proceeds the earth foundation and was created as a flow based practice, focusing on connecting to natural air and water elements inside everyone. The practice is divided into three twenty-minute sequences and, like the first DVD in the collection, it can also be played in succession or individually. In addition, there are four bonus features: 10 minute balancing series, 10 minute core workout, 10 minute breathing exercise and a 5 minute relaxation. These sequences aid in forming space in the physical body by joining flowing mobility with breath as well as expanding the body’s chest and heart center. If flow yoga is your preferred style, then we’d certainly recommend this Tara Lee DVD.


Elements of Yoga: Fire Dynamic — The third and final DVD in the series, Tara Lee’s dynamic practice was designed to build heat and strength in the body while cleansing and purifying the mind and soul. It is divided into three 20-40 minute sequences which can be played consecutively or separately. In addition, there are 4 bonus features: 10 minute balancing series, 10 minute core workout, 10 minute breathing exercise and 5 minute relaxation. The fire element lies at the center of our being so this practice was created to strengthen the core as well as give practitioners a strong, fluid practice that will burn up toxins. Anyone looking to release heavy emotions and detoxify the body will surely benefit from this DVD.


Power Yoga & Kriya Yoga (For Anti-Ageing) — Yoga and meditation master, Yogi Ashokananda created a series of unique practices that are rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation, yet have been reformed to correspond with modern lifestyles. Divided into three twenty-minute sequences, each program can be played individually or in linear succession. Practice One – Strengthening: This is a firm yet supportive practice of yoga, working through the whole body, rejuvenating along the way through each pose. Practice Two – Kriya Yoga Anti Ageing: Kriya Yoga joins the motion of the physical movement in bodies with its dynamic power helping to become cognizant of one’s own creative attainability, reducing the aging process and expanding cardiovascular ability. Practice Three – Power Within: The focus of this specific power yoga practice is on endurance as well as consciousness of one’s capacity to love and respect their spiritual and physical self. Yogi’s power yoga DVD is helpful for those looking for a yoga practice focusing on authentic Indian traditions.


Prenatal Pilates Strengthen & Sculpt — Exercise specialist, Caroline Sandry created this DVD for women at all trimesters so they can stay in shape while moving through the different stages of pregnancy. Practicing these programs helps moms-to-be stay strong and supple while preparing for the physical demands of labor and delivery. These routines have been carefully choreographed to help sculpt, tone and strengthen women’s bodies and are divided into a twenty-minute Total Body Workout, a twenty-minute Standing Workout, a twenty-minute Mat Workout, a seventeen-minute Bonus Solutions Section, and a Pregnancy Tutorial to benefit mother and baby. This DVD is a must for pregnant women!


Ballet Fitness — The sixth DVD sent to us was created by London-based professional choreographer Nicky McGinty. She presents six unique ballet themed fitness programs designed to target and firm specific body parts as well as provide an overall cardiovascular workout. Additionally, these elegant ballet routines help viewers locate and strengthen core muscles and flatten stomachs. These specific arrangements consist of barre work, floor work and a few lively dance routines. If you’re looking to sculpt a lean body and help shed unwanted pounds, then you should check out this DVD as it’s a great alternative to traditional yoga and pilates.

You can purchase New Shoot Pictures DVDs on Amazon (click here), and watch previews on My Yoga Online and YouTube.

Light Activewear: Vancouver Yoga Attire Company

Light Activewear: Vancouver Yoga Attire Company

Light Activewear is locally-designed in Vancouver apparel company that was founded by two environmentally-conscious sisters, Michelle and Judy Lei. By infusing fashion-forward designs with high-tech, functional materials, Light Activewear offers high quality yoga couture for the modern day yogini.

The company recently sent me a couple of their yoga garments for review on Vancouver Yoga Review. If you saw my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds, then you know I was really excited to receive my Light Activewear package in the mail. Inside the package I discovered their comfy black & yellow Eliza Capris and cute Darla Jacket. Read on to find out my thoughts on these two items…


Since I’m a soon-to-be-mommy, I found the Eliza Capris to be super comfortable because they don’t have a tight elastic around the waist to accommodate for my expanding belly. However, even non-pregnant yogis will appreciate their über comfy fit as well. Since their signature fabric is developed with a proprietary blend of materials specifically made for their garments, they provide the perfect amount of stretch and support. And I love that the fabric is smooth and cool to touch, while maintaining a light weight feel.


The Darla Jacket is also soft and smooth so there’s no pilling on the outside, but the best apart is that it’s a sustainable product made from 100% recycled polyester. The unique thing about using this recycled polyester is that the fabric is actually constructed by using plastic water bottles, making them into a wearable material. Also, it does not require any water or chemicals to dye the fabric. So not only does using this type of fabric help reduce waste, but it also saves on natural resources and valuable energy.


In May, Light Activewear launched a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise enough money so they could take the samples into production. They managed to achieved an impressive 120% of their target, so now you can purchase one of these sustainable jackets in November. The following video further discusses this campaign:

As you can see, this local Vancouver company truly cares about their products, customers, and the planet! You can support this local small business by purchasing Light Activewear via their website and select retail locations (click here). Follow Light Activewear on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with new items and promotions.

New Yoga Wear Brand Debuts a Kick Asana Collection

New Yoga Wear Brand Debuts a Kick Asana Collection

Founded by yoga die-hards, YogaGlyphs introduces a new collection of t-shirts focused on comfort and quality with a touch of humor. This debut collection for YogaGlyphs encompasses 7 styles for women and 3 styles for men, featuring unique body shapes that are functional and comfortable.  Quality fabrics will carry a person from the yoga mat through the rest of their day.

YogaGlyphs Fall 2012 Women’s Collection Original Me

Tank on Me


YogaGlyphs Fall 2012 Men’s Collection

The complete YogaGlyphs Fall 2012 Collection is available online at


Starbucks App of the Week: Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder

Starbucks App of the Week: Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder

Starbucks’ free app of the week is currently Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder, by the developer Rainfrog LLC. This app is a yoga instructor in your pocket, everywhere you go!

Pocket Yoga is the premier yoga app available for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

The practice of yoga becomes beneficial when done on a regular basis. With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home. Simply set your iPhone/iPod/iPad in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 3 different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations. A total of 27 different sessions!

Practices in Pocket Yoga are the unique and original creative design of the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga.


– Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
– Over 145 beautifully illustrated pose images with correct posture and positioning.
– Dictionary of poses containing descriptions and benefits of each pose.
– Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to track your progress and promote consistency.
– Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
– Ability to play music from your iPod library in place of the default music.
– All images are compatible with the new Retina display.
– TV out support! See your practice in your television.

Pick it up today at your nearest Starbucks location!

Vancouver Yoga Pants To Blame?

MSN created a list of the Worst-Dressed Cities In The World. Guess who made #3 on the list? That’s right, beautiful Vancouver, BC. The offending reason being that Vancouver is the birthplace of Lululemon Athletica yoga pants – although they don’t specify the company outright, they do allude the famous brand name.

Here’s an excerpt:

There is one reason, and one reason only, why we’ve decided to include Vancouver on this list of the sartorially damned: yoga pants. We blame you, Vancouver, birthplace of a certain, insanely popular yoga gear brand which will go unnamed, for spawning a street trend dreaded by all women with wobbly bits and fat deposits in the wrong places. Really, what gives with the whole wearing of bum hugging workout gear to every other place except the gym? On behalf of women with hips and thighs everywhere, who like their pants to have buttons and zippers thank you very much, and who are of the opinion that yoga pants are a ruse worn by lazy pseudo-fashionistas, we beseech you: unless you plan to do a downward dog within the hour, spare us the yoga pants and put on some real trousers.

What do you think of this list, and the fact that Vancouver’s on it? Let us know in the comments below!

Yogini (And Yogis!) Cleanies

Yogini Cleanies‘ Sunday and Madison are a mother daughter team in every sense of the word.  They are both practitioners of Yoga and have been since Sunday brought Madison to her first class at 8 years old.

During one of her practices, Sunday realized that she wanted a product that would allow her to freshen up after yoga class in order to meet friends for dinner.  She also wanted to keep her mat clean and free of germs before yoga.  She couldn’t find a product that combined the convenience of disposability with the sustainability of bamboo and the natural antibacterial proprieties of organic essential oils, so she made one!

Yogini Cleanies are sustainable, disposable wipes made of 100% bamboo, using the natural antiseptic qualities of certified organic essential oils (available in lemongrass or lavender scents). All Yogini Cleanies wipes are free of paraffins, have no petroleum based ingredients and are bleach free. They’re great to freshen up with after a yoga class, or the gym, and to wipe any dirt or grime off your yoga mat in between regular cleanings.

Wear Your Love For Yoga, Surf & The Canucks!

Do you love yoga, surfing and the Canucks? Vancouver’s own Blissology is offering these amazing tshirts for sale in support of the Canucks’ fight for the Stanley Cup!

These tees are fitted and soft, 70% bamboo & 30% cotton, and are the perfect layering piece.   White, by Bamboo Naturals with the surfing canuck logo on the front, and our classic blissology logo on the right sleeve.  We know you will love it.  Support our Canucks and BC Surf Yoga Culture! Aloha.

Click here to purchase a men’s or women’s shirt from Go Canucks Go!

Yoga Pants or?

I’ve heard a LOT of talk over the last little while that “Yoga Pants are Not Pants!”  From newspaper articles, word of mouth, to even a pol on Virgin Radio a couple of weeks ago. While yoga pants, specifically lululemon branded ones, seem to be the staple in the yoga community around Vancouver, there seems to be a lot of huffing & puffing about whether or not yoga pants should be worn out in public.

Whether you want to call yoga pants and all the accessories, tanks and hoodies as part of the fashion industry or not, there are certainly enough styles and colours and fabrics to enter them into this category, as I’m sure all the designers who make these items would agree.

So being the devils advocate that I am, I’ve compiled a list of 3 Places to NOT where Yoga Pants and 3 Reasons Yoga Pants are Pants!

3 Reasons Yoga Pants ARE Pants;

  • Well, let’s just say – They are PANTS!
  • They are more cleverly designed than a pair of sweat pants from the 80’s with the elastic ankles.
  • They are available in multiple colours, fabrics and styles and there is something for everybody from straightlegged to tights to capris.

Posted in a Gastown Shop Window; Ishara boutique, 38 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

While the argument can be construed that they are great if you are going to or coming from yoga they aren’t meant to be worn everywhere. Sure, but in reality how are most yoga pants different from regular pants? Form fitting? Yes, but so are tights or pencil skirts for that matter.

But realistically, there is a time and a place for everything! While I will admit, I do wear yoga pants A LOT, as tights or in the summer as capri”s, they are multi functional when I want to run in & take a class, I don’t need to go home and change first. But there are places that we really don’t need to see the lululemon logo!

3 Places to NOT Wear Yoga Pants;

  • Funerals – Take the extra 5 minutes and put on a pair of slacks that will make you come off as being a little bit more modest, especially if you are in a church.
  • Weddings – Unless the wedding involves a yoga class they are probably way too casual to pull off at a wedding.
  • Job Interview and maybe the job depending of course what it is, if you work in a business office downtown, the lulu’s won’t fly!

While I’m sure there are the lover’s and the haters out there on where they should and shouldn’t be worn, but my vote is in; Yoga Pants are Pants! What do you think?

Cynthia’s Handmade Cards and Yoga Bags

Teacher training is a great way to meet inspiring, talented, creative and like-minded people. Cynthia, one of our fellow yoga trainees, always comes to class with the most original creations. She knits quirky hats, gloves, scarves, but also yoga mat bags. They are quite a hit amongst our group and a lot of the girls have now their personalised one, assorted to the colour of their mat.

Handmade Yoga Bag

Cynthia also personalised her yoga diary, by carving her own yoga inspired stamps, and I always peek at it jealously when we are making our notes on asanas. She has now created a few different sets of cards using her designs, and they are really lovely.


So I would suggest a browse at Cynthia’s blog, where she posts some very appetising vegan recipes, and writes about yoga and self-sufficiency and also have a look at her shop where you will find her cards.

Olive OM

Aqua Bird


Vancouver’s Public Myth Activewear And Yoga Apparel

The Vancouver-based label, Public Myth, was created a few years ago by former personal trainer/fitnesswear sales rep, Kerry Pollock. Public Myth is a little different from other activewear apparel lines – it takes inspiration from the fashion and Rock ‘n Roll scene.

Their new, luxurious eco-friendly bamboo collection includes pocket pants, capris, shorts and hoodies. And PM’s Supplex collection has a wide variety of moisture wicking and slimming yoga apparel – everything from hot yoga booty shorts to tanks, yoga pants and capris, jackets, and leggings.

You can find Public Myth apparel on their website as well as DNZ Jewellery & Clothing at 2004 West 4th Ave. in Kits, and at various locations of Reflex stores around Vancouver.

The Kitchen Yogi

What is The Kitchen Yogi you ask? It is a company created by certified yoga instructor Karen La Du, and Amy Wolochowicz who were both inspired to spread the message of yoga through a unique form: asana shaped cookie cutter kits. Their goal is for people to learn about yoga and maintain a healthy & happy lifestyle, expanding their creativity –  all while baking and decorating delicious cookies!

Each kit includes a cookie cutter, recipe (offering organic, gluten/sugar free ingredients for those with special nutritional needs), and asana instructions.

You can place your order online and they ship to Canada. These would make perfect stocking stuffers this season (set of 3 kits for $20, or purchase kits individually for $7.50 each), especially to get children interested in yoga. Not a baker? Tie a ribbon around the cookie cutter and it instantly becomes a tree ornament! Also, crafty kids like to use them for tracing asana inspired art projects.

The great thing about The Kitchen Yogi is that they donate 10% of their profits to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, an organization that serves and educates about animals in need.  Yogis making a difference and putting a smile on peoples faces – who doesn’t love cookies!

Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are becoming more popular these days, especially for those yogis living in cooler climates. I know I’ve wanted to keep my socks on during some cooler room classes here in Vancouver. However, regular socks just won’t cut it – as you’ll slip and slide on your mat. But not if you’re wearing ‘yoga socks’!

There are a few different companies out there that make socks specifically for yoga and pilates. Some are toe-less and others are toe-socks. They all have grip on the bottom, absorb sweat, and provide added comfort so you can stay grounded on your yoga mat.

Here are some options for yoga socks:

Yoga Stick-e Socks
Yoga Stick-e Socks

Yoga-Pilates Socks with Grips by ToeSox
Yoga-Pilates Socks with Grips by ToeSox

Yoga-Pilates ULTRA Sport Socks by ToeSox
Yoga-Pilates ULTRA Sport Socks by ToeSox

Have you ever worn yoga socks while practicing yoga?

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