Robbie Williams Takes Up Bikram Yoga To Battle Take That

No no, Robbie’s not fighting with Take That members again – they have actually let him back in the band and Take That is touring again. Robbie has always been plagued by stage fright, so to combat his nerves, he has enlisted the assistance of a new friend named Bikram. Yes, for the past three months, Robbie Williams has been sweating it out, through 26 poses. Robbie believes his twice a week sessions of 90-minute yoga has helped him become fitter and overcome his nerves.

“Rob suffers from crippling anxiety and has been worried about the lads’ forthcoming concerts. A pal suggested Bikram yoga to refocus his pent-up energy and handle stress more effectively. After a couple of sessions he was hooked – and sweating like a wildebeest. While the others have stuck to the gym or pool, Robbie’s been using meditation and yoga to help his stagefright and to keep him sane on tour.”

This just goes to show what I believe – that yoga can help almost anyone, from almost anywhere, through almost anything. I have a few friends here in Vancouver who don’t think yoga is for them (mostly male friends). However, the majority of them haven’t actually tried yoga! Encourage your friends to try a yoga class, before they jump to conclusions. Hey, they might surprise themselves and actually enjoy the experience 😉

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