Yoga Coffee In Vancouver

Yoga coffee, sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?! The thought of being jacked up on caffeine and then proceeding to a Yin Yoga class, just seems counter-intuitive.

Searching for a new morning brew, I purchased a bag of Ethical Bean ‘Mellow’ at London Drugs – it was on sale for only $7.99! (Broadway & Yew location has lots in stock.) The packaging includes a picture of a woman in sukhasana:

Mellow Medium Roast
Ommm. Serenity Now. Medium body, nutty aroma and a sweet brightness. Stirring memories of hazelnuts and caramelized sugar.

It actually IS very mellow, and has low acid. Their new bags have a zip-lock seal for freshness. Love this.

Have an iPhone? Download their free app and scan the emark to receive information about the specific beans in the bag you purchased.

The first time I tasted Ethical Bean was at the downtown Costco while they were offering samples of their ‘Lush’ coffee.  I was sold. Ethical Bean roasts their beans right here in Vancouver, BC. Anytime I have a chance to make my purchase Fair Trade, organic and local – I jump on it. This company creates environmental initiatives to help out in our local community and those of their coffee growing partners.

Namaste to Ethical Bean 🙂

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