Create New Eating Habits – Part 2

After I finished my latest post on eating habits, many other ideas occurred to me, so I thought I would share them this week!

  • Special feature ingredient: each time you read a good review about a food, why not make it the guest star of some of the meals during for a week. You might find a special place for it in your diet!


  • Drink more water: we never seem to drink enough water. One of my teachers told us the other day that it was particularly good to drink a lot of water after practices with deep twists. After a class this morning a woman told me ‘water has never tasted so good since I’ve been practicing yoga.’ I couldn’t agree more.
  • Less caffeine: I’ve noticed the number of coffee shops around since I’ve arrived here:) Chamomile could be a good substitute. It’s a good mood drink, as it helps to produce serotonin, which can be helpful to beat the January blues.
  • Make it from scratch: how much food can you make yourself?Try to challenge yourself. It’s a good way to cut down on additives, preservatives, salt etc. Did you know you could make your own ketchup for example?
  • Be more mindful: try to make every spoonful taste like the first one. If you are stressed at work and with little time for a lunch, try to make your lunch break a relaxing time, one to slow down and get grounded.
  • Be more ethical: one thing that we learnt from recent documentaries such as Food Inc or Our Daily Bread is that we need to be more discerning and informed about our choices when it comes to food. Reading labels more attentively could help you make your decisions.
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