Sweating with Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow

My favourite teacher just got back from training with Shiva Rea in Venice Beach, California. In the last two weeks, she has brought her new lessons back to her Flow class on Thursday nights – her classes, though  typically marvelous, have since been nothing short of challenging, sweat-inducing brilliance!

Shiva Rea. Source: http://shivarea.com/about-gallery

Shiva Rea teaches a unique style of Vinyasa called Prana Flow which is an “energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga” (www.shivarea.com). It is indeed an “embodied” style –it encompasses breath-driven exploration of effort and a wave-inspired fluidity of movement that gets your heart pumping.

On a normal day, I can work up a sweat in my practice no problem. During a Prana Flow class with one of Shiva’s students, I feel immediately like I’m firing on all cylinders – the prana is moving no doubt! My teacher called me a “wet seal” when she saw me smiling and dripping sweat all over my mat.  This is a freeing practice, with lots of lightness and dynamism to get you through a tough practice. Glorious!

Clara Roberts-Oss Source: http://pixieyoga.net/id3.html

Valeria Pongracz (Hari Om Yoga, Langley) and Clara Roberts-Oss (Semperviva, Yaletown Yoga, Flow Yoga and Wellness, Vancouver) are two of a very select few teachers in BC working towards certification with Shiva Rea. They both teach a rocking class that, if you haven’t already, cause you to fall in love with movement.

Clara teaches classes and hosts workshops primarily in Vancouver. Check her out on http://pixieyoga.net/ for a full listing. Clara will be out in Langley’s Hari Om Yoga for a one-week Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training and Immersion in late September (more info available on www.hariomyoga.com).

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Prana Flow class!

YYOGA Flow Wellness Studio

Ahhhh YYoga Flow Wellness studio…If I lived closer and if the membership was a little more affordable, I would seriously attend this YYoga location everyday.  With its spa like atmosphere, infrared sauna, chill out tea-lounge with free wifi, and eco boutique, Flow Wellness is always a relaxing experience.

photo 2(5)

Nourish bar including snacks and drinks – try their coconut water for a refreshing boost after a class.

The center is the largest in Canada, spanning an impressive 11,500 square feet, including 3 yoga rooms and a large change room with ample lockers and showers.


Chill out tea lounge includes free wifi and free ‘happiness’ hot tea.

They offer many styles of yoga and even their own YRide (spin classes that incorporate yoga at the end of each class).

Need some additional services? They offer wellness treatments ranging from Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture.

Check out this video by Technomorph for the YYoga Flow opening: http://vimeo.com/6943161

For more info, visit the YYoga website: http://www.yyoga.ca/

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