Harnessing the power behind the mind-body connection or as us nerd-folk call it – The biopsychosocial model (abbreviated “BPS”).

Each day is a new day to harness the power of our own unique potential.  Learning to use your thoughts to positively influence some of your body’s physical responses, thereby decreasing stress, is merely one way to support your personal exploration of your best self. Research has shown that when we imagine an experience, we often have similar mental and physical responses to those you have when the event actually happens. Why? Because we have a vested interest in that connection. From a physiological perspective, our muscles have memory and thus, patterns can be built up, broken down and transformed.

Today’s post is about appreciating the mind-body connection through the art of visual representation and linking that connection to two of my favorite “meditative pass times;” which are running (leading with an active lifestyle) and yoga (mind and body meditation).

Enjoy and Namaste!

Life - it's pretty simple and that grand.

Go beyond your comfort zone.


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There are no limitations, only a limited view.


Be Yourself!


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Featured Teacher: Elana Epstein

The following excerpt is courtesy of Elana Epstein’s Breathing Spaces blog:

To Inspire And Be Inspired Is A Blessed Gift


What does it conjure up for you? What meaning do you attach to it? What reaction does it bring? Where do you get it from?

Perhaps we need to define what inspiration means to us before we can know where to find it.
In order to know what it means I think we need to know what it feels like.
I have been watching where I derive inspiration from lately and have been noticing how it feels to be inspired.

For me, inspiration feels uplifting, exhilarating, awake and creative.
When I am inspired I am at my best, most literally.
When I am inspired I am connected.
I am truly alive.
I am so much more than my ego remembers me to be.
When I am inspired it feels like there is nothing I cannot do.
When I am inspired I feel like I am a part of the universe as I was meant to be.
When I am inspired I am grateful.

So, I try to find inspiration where I can.

I feel blessed. There are so many place that I feel inspired these days.

…to continue reading, click here to visit Elana’s website.

Author Bio: Elana Epstein is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner who came to yoga from a Social Work background. Her greatest passion is to help individuals find their own inner strength and harmony so that they can contribute to making this a more peaceful life for all.  Elana sees yoga as a way to live each day with awareness and to nurture a peaceful and healing journey into the self. As a teacher, she creates an environment that is safe, intuitive, and calming. Her classes are suitable for the beginner and seasoned practitioner alike. Elana enjoys a personal daily practice at home and shares this journey with her husband and three children. Along with her daily dose of yoga she loves to read, write and listen to music. When she can,  she adds a little dark chocolate and a Chai to help make each day as decadent as it is blessed.

Elana teaches 9:30am Hatha yoga classes on Wednesdays at Semperviva‘s Sun studio. For more teaching times and locations, visit her blog and connect with her on Twitter.

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