How To Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen

If you’ve been practicing a lot of yoga outdoors recently, either on sandy beaches or on lush green fields, then you’ve been most likely layering on the sunscreen. The problem with store bought sunscreen is it can get expensive, and depending on the brand, its additives and chemicals could be unwanted ingredients soaking into your body’s largest organ.

The solution? Make your own natural sunblock! It’s cheap, easy to make, waterproof, high SPF, and you know exactly what ingredients (buy organic, if available) you’re slathering on your skin.

You will need:

– tea tree oil (or your favourite essential oil…almond oil’s good for calming itchy skin)

– coconut oil (soothes and conditions skin)

– zinc oxide (sunblocking agent)

– bee’s oil/ bee’s wax (waterproofing agent)

– empty can

– pot of boiling water

Watch the following video to see how’s it’s created:

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