Yoga Vs. Regular Exercise

What’s better for your body, yoga or regular exercise? Often a highly debated subject, but Naturopath SR Jindal believes yogic exercise is the better option. He feels that the benefits of yogasanas far outweigh regular forms of exercise and that they score over strenuous physical exertion.

Asanas are “sthiram sukam asanam”, meaning a body position that is “steady, calm and comfortable”. Physical exercise, on the other hand is an activity that works muscles and requires energy. It is different from yoga asana. Here’s an except discussing the top 10 differences:

  1. Physical exercise consumes more oxygen than yogasanas
  2. The heart has to work harder during physical exercise, but BP and heart rate decrease when you practise asanas
  3. Physical exercise can overwork joints and even cause rheumatism and stiffness later in life. But asanas encourage flexibility and build stamina
  4. Physical exercise builds up toxins in the body while asanas eliminate them []

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