Protein Packed Quinoa Cookies

I’m always on a quest to find healthy snacks, packed with nutrients to keep my energy high throughout the day.  That way I can fit in a work out session and yoga into my busy day!

Today I was reading a great local blog called i heart wellness.  It’s an awesome site about healthy eating, fitness and all around well-being. Kris’ post talked about vegan Quinoa Almond Cookies. What a great idea I thought! I love savory protein packed quinoa in salads and as a side dish, so why not try quinoa sweet.

So, I attempted her recipe this afternoon and started by grinding one cup of quinoa (in a coffee grinder) to create the flour.  Her recipe also called for brown rice flour, which I didn’t have – so I just used regular wheat flour.

Not being a vegan myself, I learned something new today: to substitute a regular egg in a recipe, you can use one tablespoon of flax meal with 3 tablespoons of warm water, stir, let sit and it will be turn into a gooey, ‘eggy’ consistency.

I also didn’t have almond milk so I used soy milk instead. And I replaced chocolate chips with raisins for a little bit of added iron!

My cookies turned out more cake-like, but I actually like the texture! They’d be great for a quick breakfast or another post-yoga snack.

Check out i heart wellness‘ Quinoa Almond Cookie recipe here.

How do you like to eat your quinoa? Sweet or savory?

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