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10 Reasons To Start Pregnancy Yoga

Have you recently become pregnant and are now thinking about getting into yoga in Vancouver? MindfulMum — an online magazine for health conscious moms — created a list of the top ten reasons you should start prenatal yoga. Not only can yoga during pregnancy help you maintain your flexibility and health, it can also help you to become positive about birth and parenting. View the list here of the ten reasons to begin pregnancy yoga.

Don’t Step On My Yoga Mat

One of my pet-peeves during yoga class is when people occasionally step on my yoga mat. Normally, it doesn’t bother me that much, but when it happens with sweaty feet during a hot yoga class at Bikram’s or West Coast Hot Yoga-it grosses me out!

Here’s an excerpt of a hilarious list of other things you should NOT do during your yoga class:

  1. Cultivate Ujjayi breath that rivals Darth Vader. Did I sign up to have phone sex with you? I don’t think so. I don’t need to feel like I’m on the wrong end of a prank phone call as I attempt to quiet my mind.
  2. Om, Sat Nam, etc. like your life depends on it. A yogi/ni is not made by the volume of his or her chanting. I promise. There’s no door prize for being the loudest Om-er.
  3. Step on the mats of others. If you’re a foodie, think of it as a dinner plate. If you’re religiously or spiritually inclined, imagine those mats are sacred texts. You wouldn’t put your foot in either spot, would you? This kind of disrespect could get you an ass kicking in a place you’d least expect it.

For the rest of Y is for Yogini‘s top 10 list click here.

Tell us your yoga class pet-peeve in the comments below 🙂

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