Raincoast Cookies Are Fit For Vancouver Yogis

We attended a media event with EatingInVancouver last night at the lovely home of Lesley Stowe. You’re probably all familiar with her über popular Raincoast Crisps, but she has just launched a new product – Raincoast Cookies!

Yes, just as healthy and tasty as her crisps, I have to say, these cookies are delicious! Why are they fit for Vancouver yogis? Well, these nutritious products were born, raised, and made in Vancouver – the city where Lesley still calls home. “More than a cookie”, they are the perfect post-yoga class refuel. Packed with all natural ingredients like flax, chia seeds, and chicory root, these filling cookies are made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Offered in three flavours: Dark Chocolate, Tart Cherry & Pecan (my favourite), Apricot, Ginger & Slivered Almond, and Dried Cranberry & Toasted Hazelnut, they no not contain eggs, or dairy products, so they’re ideal for all the awesome vegan yogis out there. We’ll have a full review up at EatingInVancouver, but in the mean time visit the website for further information.

Yoga Stew

It’s that time of year again…hearty comfort food time! Here’s an excellent recipe for a “yoga stew” – a Moroccan-inspired vegetarian dish that includes big chunks of butternut squash and red potatoes; it’s packed with nutrition and will keep you full and satisfied. Tips: Substitute butter for oil and omit the plain yogurt to make this meal vegan. Serve over brown rice or quinoa (in lieu of white rice) for additional protein. Enjoy!

Click here to read the yoga stew recipe.

Protein Packed Quinoa Cookies

I’m always on a quest to find healthy snacks, packed with nutrients to keep my energy high throughout the day.  That way I can fit in a work out session and yoga into my busy day!

Today I was reading a great local blog called i heart wellness.  It’s an awesome site about healthy eating, fitness and all around well-being. Kris’ post talked about vegan Quinoa Almond Cookies. What a great idea I thought! I love savory protein packed quinoa in salads and as a side dish, so why not try quinoa sweet.

So, I attempted her recipe this afternoon and started by grinding one cup of quinoa (in a coffee grinder) to create the flour.  Her recipe also called for brown rice flour, which I didn’t have – so I just used regular wheat flour.

Not being a vegan myself, I learned something new today: to substitute a regular egg in a recipe, you can use one tablespoon of flax meal with 3 tablespoons of warm water, stir, let sit and it will be turn into a gooey, ‘eggy’ consistency.

I also didn’t have almond milk so I used soy milk instead. And I replaced chocolate chips with raisins for a little bit of added iron!

My cookies turned out more cake-like, but I actually like the texture! They’d be great for a quick breakfast or another post-yoga snack.

Check out i heart wellness‘ Quinoa Almond Cookie recipe here.

How do you like to eat your quinoa? Sweet or savory?

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