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Love My Mat – Handmade Yoga Accessories

Love My Mat – Handmade Yoga Accessories

Love My Mat is an environmentally-friendly Canadian company based in Ontario that was founded in 2008 by mother-daughter team, Shelley and Kathy. The duo lovingly hand craft unique yoga accessories made from reclaimed fabric, organic ingredients and responsible materials. Their line of eco-conscious, made-in-Canada yoga gear includes yoga mat bags, eye pillows, meditation cushions, bolsters, mat straps and stretch straps. They offer a varied collection of beautiful prints from gently used patterns making one-of-a-kind designs. Love My Mat recently sent us a few of their lovely products for review, so read on to learn about each item we received…


Love My Mat’s Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, the company’s original product, is a versatile yoga mat cleaner made from only four ingredients: citrus extract, tea tree oil, lavender and water! These three USDA Certified Organic ingredients are powerful antiseptics, strong enough to kill ninety-nine percent of germs but gentle enough to spray directly on your skin. The natural, fresh scent concoction is safe for daily use on all types of yoga mats, straps, blocks, and bolsters. So how do you use it effectively? This cleaner is a quick-dry, no wipe formula, so you simply shake the bottle gently, spray lightly (six to eight times) and let dry. In a minute, your mat is clean, dry and ready to roll up for your next yoga session.


Love My Mat’s “Sitting Pretty Pillows” are their version of the traditional Meditation Cushion or zafu to raise the hips and alleviating discomfort, making the entire range of cross-legged sitting positions more stable for the meditator. Firmly stuffed with buckwheat hulls for comfort and support, this unique aqua & grey sit pillow is and covered with a pre-loved fabric made from a tablecloth Shelley found at a local thrift shop. The machine washable and dryable cover has a convenient handle for easy transport to and from yoga studios.


Love My Mat’s Eye Pillows are filled with organic flax seeds to block out distracting light and add gentle acupressure to relieve facial tension. The subtle scent of aromatic lavender helps deepen relaxation and relieve stress. This eye pillow is pure bliss during savasana and aids in calming the body before bedtime. You can even us it cold to alleviate swelling and headache pain. And just like all of Love My Mat’s yoga products, each eye pillow is made with recycled fabric so each design is unique. The eye pillow sent to us is one-of-a-kind, made from a gently used duvet cover from Shelley’s aunt’s closet.


You can help support this environmentally-friendly Canadian company by purchasing Love My Mat products via and at select retail locations in British Columbia and Ontario.

**If you make a purchase through Love My Mat’s website, then you can use the code YVR15 to receive 15% your order within the next 30 days!**

Must Have Yoga Props and Accessories

Yoga props are used to achieve proper body alignment in each yoga posture. Each type of prop can be used for different yoga poses. Here is a list of the most common yoga props:



A yoga bolster is like a giant, firm pillow used to alleviate pressure. It’s generally used under the knees for support, when lying on your back. Yoga bolsters are especially handy for prenatal yoga classes and to relieve any tension in the spine.



A yoga block can be used during seated positions to make the poses more comfortable. The yoga block supports the sacrum and lifts the pelvis off the ground.

yoga blanket


A blanket can be a versatile yoga prop. The yoga blanket can be used to keep you warm during savasana (final relaxation), raise hips above knees while seated, or support the back in reclined positions.



A yoga strap is used to deepen yoga stretches.  It can be used during pigeon pose to stretch the legs and groin muscles. Or, if you can’t reach the ground on a forward bend, stand on a yoga strap and then hold on to each end – using the strap to pull yourself closer to the ground and deepen the stretch.



A yoga ball can provide much needed support during backbends or wheel pose and aid in flexibility. For upward facing dog pose, the yoga ball can also be used as a support between your body and the ground.

What yoga props do you use to enhance your practice?

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