Take Your Mat Out: Outdoors Yoga

Practising yoga outdoors is a real treat, and now that the good season is finally coming, it’s time to think of that spot in your friends’ garden, at the park or on the beach, that will make a great setting for a more natural practice.

Here are a few tips:

  • Try to choose a place in the shade and orient your mat ensuring that the sun will not be blinding you each time you go through your salutations!
  • If shade is not available find a good sunscreen and sunglasses that won’t fall off your nose when you are in downward dog.
  • Have some fresh water handy.

On the grass:

  • Make sure the ground is even and get rid of twigs and stones.
  • Use a thick mat, or two thin ones, or lay a big thick blanket on the ground
  • If mosquitoes and flies are buzzing around, invest in a insect repellent incense or citronella candles.

[Source: http://pee-jayhearts.blogspot.com/}

On the beach:

  • If the sand is thin, mats are not ideal, but you can practice on a towel, the main challenge on the beach is the instability of the ground for standing poses.
  • It’s a fantastic practice ground for arm balances. You might choose to build your practice around abdominal strengtheners, backbends, seated poses and arm balances such as crow, handstand, side crow, and eka pada koundinyasana.

Finally get plenty of fresh air in your lungs and enjoy the breeze on your skin!

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