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Sarah Crawford Russell

Sarah Crawford Russell

There’s nothing like strolling into a room and catching the sound of a nice full laugh. With Sarah you’ll frequently get that in and out of class. Light and breezy, her classes can feel rather muted in their difficulty yet never in their energy. From hatha to yin, you’ll be able to get everything you want out of yoga through her. Though I don’t sweat in her power classes like I do in others, mental and physical strengthening from her are just as potent and noticeable after the practice.

It wouldn’t be a long shot to say you can be thrown off by her approach to each class. With a bright and sunny disposition she’ll wander about the room and ask, very literally, everyone on their energy level of the day and whether or not they have any injuries. After her rounds she adjusts her class to fit the class average to great affect. I say this because I’ve noticed that classes with a few more advanced practitioners will feel that much more challenging than a class with a handful of beginners.

Some teachers will hold their line, unchanging in their itinerary, but Sarah always takes care to strike a balance. Her hatha classes see the most changes, as it’s the most accessible style of yoga, and yin and power change the least. I can’t really think of a more gentle and/or relaxing teacher to help someone wind down a day or a week. Her genuine cheeriness is a pleasure to be around, and we would all do a bit better with a brightness such as hers. She also has an amazing hairdo. Just sayin’.

She teaches, to my knowledge, at Spirit YogaUnity Yoga, and YYoga.

Vancouverite Opens Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Vancouverite Opens Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Namaste Gardens is an all-inclusive yoga retreat opened by local Vancouverite, Jamie Wood. It is located in the central pacific coast of tropical Costa Rica and is a perfect place to escape from the cold.

The retreat specializes in all-inclusive yoga, always emphasizing restoration and renewal, and is designed to re-align mind body and soul.

Let us take care of you from the moment you land.  A driver will be waiting to bring you from the capital of San Jose to the small beach town of Herradura. Upon your arrival to Namaste Gardens you will be greeted our bi-lingual staff and shown to your beautiful accommodations. Swimming pools, hammocks, bikes and lush gardens are all at your disposal. Daily meals [local and organic (when available) ingredients. Vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian options are offered], yoga classes and meditation in the scenic gardens await you.

❖ Pick-up / drop-off from airport
❖ 3 Delicious meals per day
❖ Private swimming pool
❖ Snacks and fruit during the day
❖ Fully furnished accommodations
❖ Gorgeous tropical garden with private gardener
❖ Fully appointed yoga studio
❖ Private maid service and chef
❖ Air conditioning in all rooms
❖ 2 yoga classes per day
❖ 1 massage included
❖ Bikes for all guests
❖ Minutes from a beautiful beach
❖ Local phone and internet
❖ Professionally managed

They are currently hosting a retreat (March 3rd – 12th) and the next upcoming retreat is March 15th – 24th.

For more information, check out their website:

*Yoga Teachers* Namaste Gardens is always looking for local yoga teachers to come down to Costa Rica and host. If you’re interested, get in touch with Jamie at

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