Wake Up the Teacher Within – Embark on a 200 Hour Teacher Training without the pressure to teach the masses!

What is a yoga teacher?  A mentor, a guide, someone who inspires and encourages you to go beyond what you believe is possible.

Here’s a little secret about your yoga teacher – it can be found inside you.

Many yoga students search for the elusive guru: someone to lift us out of darkness and illuminate our divine selves. Without a doubt, this teacher is responsible for much guidance, but it is by our own devotion on the mat that we grow and shift. We, as students, do the work. We create the change. We uncover our shadows and reveal that we have an inner guide, who was there all along.

As the cycle unfolds, some of us get stuck along the path. Some of us get the itch to unlock new dimensions of ourselves and go deeper through a 200 Hour Teacher Training.

There’s a misconception that teacher training is only for yogis who want to teach professionally. Not so. All you need is a willingness to work hard (physically and emotionally), an awareness of your insecurities (we all have them!) and a reminder that the teacher you uncover does not need to be on display ever.  You can apply your teacher training skills for self-development, physical prowess or to inspire others until they perhaps conduct their own training one day!

Take the leap, lean into the fear and trust that you will encounter a stronger you through a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – even if you don’t end up teaching!

Remember, this is about uncovering your inner guide, whether or not you utilize that part of yourself to inspire others.  Choose a 200 Hour program with a teacher whom you are overjoyed to spend a month with and jump in with your whole body and heart. If you give your all, you may receive more than you had ever imagined.

** Start your epic journey of Teacher Training… Come to Thailand in June 2013 with Clara Roberts Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell for a 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and connect to your inner teacher!  More info here: website, Twitter and Facebook.

About the Author:
Carolyn Anne Budgell (BA, ERYT 200) teaches vinyasa yoga and meditation in Vancouver, BC.  Carolyn has assisted 200-hour trainings at the Semperviva Teacher Training College, mentored at a teen girl yoga camp to increase female empowerment (Girlvana) and created free online yoga classes as an Ambassador for lululemon.

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