What do you need for Hot Yoga?

Preparation is key in order to get the most out of your hot yoga class.  The following are some guidelines yoga studios ask that you do:

• Make sure you’re well hydrated: drink 2 liters of water BEFORE you start class.  Don’t forget to bring a large bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout your class.

• Be prepared to SWEAT like you’ve never sweated before! Wear the least amount of clothing you feel comfortable in, without being naked! Women like to wear tank tops and shorts, men will usually just wear shorts.


• Try to refrain from eating 2 hours before your class, as it’s best done on an empty stomach.   If you’re starving, have a piece of fruit to tide you over.

• Bring your yoga mat, a towel to lay over your mat, and a hand towel to dab the sweat off your body.  You’ll be glad you have the hand towel when sweat starts dripping in your eyes!

• Hot yoga is always performed with bare feet, so leave shoes in designated areas and all other belongings in lockers provided by your yoga studio.

• Try not to talk during your yoga class.  This will disrupt the flow of the class and disrupt the concentration of other yogis.  If you have a questions, ask your instructor before or after class.

One of the most important things to remember is: don’t be hard on yourself! Your first class will be intense and you may even hate it.  But don’t give up, and try and finish the class. Lie down on your back if you’re feeling over-heated or dizzy. The more often you practice, the better you’ll get and the more adjusted your body will be to the heat.  You even might start to enjoy it!

How do you prepare for your Hot Yoga class?

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