13 Tips for Overcoming Cravings

Many of us can’t resist desserts, sweets, french fries or ice cream. And, many of us succumb almost immediately to our cravings and often feel bad about it later. This often becomes a cycle that is repeated over and over again and those of us who can’t overcome cravings often struggle with weight, health and are not living as optimally as possible. However, it is possible to overcome cravings.

Here are 13 tips for helping to beat cravings. Enjoy!

1. Question the craving. Before digging into something deemed not quite healthy, like that second piece of chocolate cake, ask yourself if this is really something your body needs or wants. Chances are that if you have to ask, you don’t need it.

2. Consider the impact on your health. It is important to think about the nutritional benefits of everything you consume. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that a handful of cashews is better than a donut.

3. Be aware of the vicious cycle. If your diet or cravings consist mostly of processed foods rich in fats and sugar, then you will most likely only want more. These types of food do not have an adequate nutritional value so the body will crave more. In order to break the cycle, you have to make healthier decisions and give the body what it needs.

4. Take your time. Remember to not only breathe and take your time while eating, but also take your time when choosing what to eat. If you only have a few minutes to decide, use that time wisely or choose a healthy snack to hold you over until you can consume with peace of mind.

5. Use self-control. You know what it is, you own it and it’s always there. Learn to channel it, manifest it and use it. You can do it.


6. Get physical. Yoga and exercise have many great benefits for the body and mind. Getting the body in good physical condition will positively influence you to make good choices.

7. Keep it simple. Don’t get caught up making rigid regimens or a bunch of rules in order to be healthy. You know what is healthy and what is not. Just relax and make awesome decisions.

8. Listen. You can learn to listen to your body to differentiate between hunger and cravings: to know when your body needs to be replenished or if it’s just nerves. You can also learn to identify when you are craving in order to fulfill an emotional gap versus an actual physical need.

9. Limit the amount of alcohol. Cut back or eliminate alcohol. Most of us have experienced that being intoxicated or hung over does not help us make healthy decisions. Enough said.

10. Get enough rest. A rested mind and body helps us feel more at ease with life. Not enough sleep makes us stressed and intolerant. Rest helps the body heal and refuel. It helps the mind be more calm.

11. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, herbal tea and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Often times our hunger can be triggered when in fact we are only thirsty.

12. Want what is best for your self. Having a positive mind set will help motivate you to make good decisions. You deserve it. Believe it and want it.

13. Be sincere. Commit to wanting to be your optimal self. Don’t treat being ’healthy’ as a diet or fad. Make it a life change. Make it who you are right now.

Unhealthy cravings can develop into repetitious, poor habits that last for years and can have adverse effects on the body and mind. It’s never too late to change and develop better, healthier habits.

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