They are Vancouver’s most precious resource.

The are our city’s future. 

They ARE our Inner City Kids.

On October 27th Join us for a night of Superhero Activism AND Hallowe’en Party like no other – with proceeds going directly to CLICK.

This is CLICK’s (Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids) mission statement, and I agree. The truth of the matter is this – BC has the largest child poverty rate in all of Canada, with 137,000 families living under the poverty and on low income. That’s 1 in 6 children in BC; where 49% are immigrant children and 40% are Aboriginal. In the bright and beautiful panoramic city of Vancouver, hundreds of our children are living in 3rd world conditions. And in a civilized city, such as ours – this just shouldn’t happen.

Many of you may not realize that there are children all over our city that go to school hungry and whose families have little to no money for safe out-of-school care. Many parents cannot afford food, basic necessities, clothing, bus fare and school supplies, let alone opportunities important to childhood development.  And around Halloween and the holidays, this time of merriment and celebration, many families aren’t as merry. No kid should be denied the festivities that bring our cultures and communities together; they should not be denied their basic rights in Canada.

CLICK (Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids) is a registered community centered charitable foundation that exists to fundamentally ensure that inner city kids in Vancouver have the opportunity to have a bright future and can contribute to our community. By raising funds for services, they allow kids to realize their dreams.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Can you remember that far back, or maybe it is such a great, everlasting feeling that it feels like it was yesterday…

For me, it was to be an athlete or a Superhero – well actually I wanted to be both.  Some of those Superhero qualities included; lightning speed, ninja like reflexes, a fearless tenacity to live by a moral code of conduct and community compassion (aka much like a Police Officer) and the ability to use telepathy to understand the psyche and change behavior. I was 8, what can I say!  However, some things do not change, even in adulthood.

After2 decades of researching the human condition and behavior modification and speaking to hundreds of children and adults –  two “childhood” professions have stood out:

All children dream of being two things:

  1. An Athlete
  2. A Superhero


The Modern Day Superhero

Superhero qualities are not merely qualities reserved for those iconic characters we idealize, or the modern day mainstream movies we watch as entertainment. We believe in them because they demonstrate a dedication and unwavering balance towards facing fear and unjust acts, and are relentless at the pursuit of truth and justice for all.

The qualities that drive both that athlete and the superhero are paradoxically similar. Both the SUPERHERO and the ATHLETE are human qualities we all have, most of us just rarely aren’t conscious of when we use these qualities.

Let me enlighten you – if you are good – then you use them every day. Superhero qualities reside within all of us, and it is when we are children where the first seed of superhero-ism is born. Kids are the epitome of imagination and creativity. They are the cultivators and ideators of tomorrow and they fluctuate at the highest caliber of energy.  Our environment and our experiences play an integral role, which allow us to realize these qualities within ourselves.

This is why it is so important for all children to experience what it’s like to be a superhero.   Children living in poverty, rarely have this vision because there are no opportunities, but….

If you continue to read on, you will see that YOU have the power and opportunity to give a child THAT opportunity. To be a Superhero.

Are You A Superhero? What if YOU could improve the lives of children living in poverty? Would you do it?

This is where CLICK comes in. CLICK is a registered community based charitable foundation that exists to ensure inner city kids in Vancouver have a bright future. CLICK raises funds for programs and services that make a critical, daily difference in the lives of inner city kids.

On October 27th, Nicole Yamanaka, founder and owner of Le Physique Personal Training Studio is the master mind behind the “Superhero Hallowe’en Trivia Night” (with a little help from me bringing up the community investment side) and this night is a bonifed chance for you to let loose, put on your superhero costume and join the party of like-minded-community-oriented people of greatness. Did we mention it’s a party – YES! A mingle fest of superhero awesomesness.

On this night we celebrate superhero’s and at the same time raising funds and awareness for kids who deserve the same opportunity.  Come and eat, drink, play trivia, win some prizes AND proceeds from the tickets go directly to CLICK.

Your support could help inner kids be superhero’s.

Superhero Hallowe’en Party & Trivia Night

Theme: Superheroes and Villains

Location: Kingston Taphouse and Grille, 755 Richards Street Vancouver

Time: 730pm – Late

Trivia: Starts at: 830pm

Perks: Live DJ at 930pm, Prizes and Awards for Best Costume, Trick-O-Treat, Superhero Trivia.

Tickets: $20 in advance or $25 at the door

* Tickets at the door are limited* * Tickets also include a beverage*

Meet CLICK – board members will be in attendance!


How does CLICK help Inner City Kids?

CLICK raises money to help fund local organizations that provide critical programs, activities and resources for inner city children and families – including food programs, out-of-school care, programs in literacy, sports and arts and culture; which fill the gaps towards opportunity and experiences where they can be – Superheroes.  They provide a safe alternative to streets and they build life-long skills towards a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  All of CLICK’s board and staff are all volunteers  and are connected to Vancouver’s most vulnerable families.

For more information on programs and CLICK, please visit –

Join our facebook event page:!/events/388719584529970/?fref=ts


You can put kids in sports. They put themselves in the game…

Karma Yoga offers many teachers and students the opportunity to give back to their community and stay healthy through the asana practice of Yoga & meditation, and this time it’s for the kids.  Between Novemeber 1-7th, Athletics 4 Kids is holding a Fitness Challenge acrossVancouver and BC, and anyone can participate!

Did you know that more than 1/3 of Canadian children cannot participate in sports or recreational activities due to financial barriers? A4K helps raise awareness and funds so that kids can live their dreams and participate in sports, which as we know is fundamental to their development.

The concept behind the challenge is easy; participants sign up with their gym or studio, join a team and choose to tackle a bodyweight workout of 250 – 1000 repetitions based on their personal fitness level. The goal is to finish the exercise as quickly as possible and collect pledges/donations in your community to support your efforts.

This is the 4th year of the Challenge and it has grown by leaps and bounds every year, but we need your help to continue this momentum in order to get the kids in YOUR community off the couch and into the game.

How does Yoga fit into this challenge?

Easy, YogaFORM has hopped on board to teach A Sun Salutation Series at numerous gyms, inVancouver and on theNorthShore and you can participate.

The Sun Salutations will be based on how many you can comfortably perform within a 60min session ~ 250, 500 or 1000 meditative Sun Salutations, you can choose to move through them in a hatha style flow or bring a powerful Vinyasa intention and get your sweat on.

I will be teaching various fun and challenging modifications to this ancient practice of honoring the sun through the dynamic asana sequence Surya Namaskar!

With 3 – 4 classes to choose from throughout the week of November 1st – 7th you can choose to attend one or all of them, join our team and get your pledge on!

The drop in rate for the class will also be donated directly to the A4K Fitness Challenge!

How to join the YogaFORM/ Sarah Jamieson team or register for a class?

Check out my YogaFORM Facebook page for more details on locations and contact information. I you are interested in
participating please comment on our Facebook page or email me at and I will send you the karmic details and class A4K Yoga Sun Salutation schedule.

Together we can support kids and their dreams! Let’s get out there and play! Ask your local gym or studio if they are supporting Athletics 4 Kids and get involved!

For more information on A4K visit:

For our Team YogaFORM Page visit:


Look Up Yoga DVD Series For Kids

Look Up Yoga DVD Series For Kids

Certified yoga instructor, Susie Lopez, strives to enhance the lives of inner-city students across New York City through Bent on Learning. The organization goes into public schools and teaches students how to reduce stress, increase concentration, boost their self-esteem, and improve their overall health. Bent on Learning, which caters to students from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade, also offers teachers simple workshops which teach them how to incorporate simple yoga techniques into to their curriculum.

From her success with Bent On Learning with public school children, Susie Lopez, has created the Look Up Yoga DVD series for all youths, anywhere in the world, to use in their homes. Look Up gives kids a fresh way to get moving, learning, and growing, both emotionally and physically, in a fun and entertaining way.

Susie just launched her website were you can watch a trailer of her Look Up DVD, and it will soon be available on iTunes. For more information about Susie and her endeavors, visit, and – which helps children foster healthy relationships with food and empowers them to make positive choices.

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