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Look Up Yoga DVD Series For Kids

Look Up Yoga DVD Series For Kids

Certified yoga instructor, Susie Lopez, strives to enhance the lives of inner-city students across New York City through Bent on Learning. The organization goes into public schools and teaches students how to reduce stress, increase concentration, boost their self-esteem, and improve their overall health. Bent on Learning, which caters to students from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade, also offers teachers simple workshops which teach them how to incorporate simple yoga techniques into to their curriculum.

From her success with Bent On Learning with public school children, Susie Lopez, has created the Look Up Yoga DVD series for all youths, anywhere in the world, to use in their homes. Look Up gives kids a fresh way to get moving, learning, and growing, both emotionally and physically, in a fun and entertaining way.

Susie just launched her website were you can watch a trailer of her Look Up DVD, and it will soon be available on iTunes. For more information about Susie and her endeavors, visit, and – which helps children foster healthy relationships with food and empowers them to make positive choices.

Buddha Body Yoga In New York City

New York City and Vancouver have a lot in common – both are world renowned cities, both are culturally diverse, and both offer a plethora of yoga studios. However, there appears to be one type of studio in New York City that we have yet to see in Vancouver: Buddha Body Yoga — a yoga studio strictly for the plus-sized practitioner. That’s right, no skinny people allowed!

“When I tell 120-pound (55 kg) people they can’t come, they get very offended, which I find fascinating,” said Michael Hayes, owner and operator of Buddha Body.

Click here to read more of the interview with Michael Hayes, and click here to visit the Buddha Body Yoga website. Would you like to see this type of studio here in Vancouver? What do you think about Buddha Body Yoga?

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