Tough Decisions…

Making decisions = agonizing.


But the fact is that we create the suffering. The decision-making process can be as simple as; weighing the evidence, choosing, and then taking any necessary action.

I know, that sounds crazy.

I’m exploring the possibility. Feeling it out. Maybe I can make big decisions, tough ones (you know the ones I mean) and then just let it go. Move on. Let life unfold, stop pushing. You get the picture. It’s like if you really want to get into lotus or press up into wheel it doesn’t feel right, but if you just do it, it does. It’s like that. I’m working on it.

So I made a pretty tough decision this week. I had to choose between a retreat with Thich Nhat Han and a job that I really want. I chose the job, and instead of dwelling in the land of regret I am accepting my decision and not dwelling you-know-where. Because I had my reasons and I thought it through and took the necessary actions and that’s it.


It feels a lot better than making the decision and constantly second-guessing my reasoning and agonizing over it. I’m not saying that I won’t have regrets, but this approach could work.

Although, if you have a life changing retreat with Thich Nhat Han in August, maybe don’t tell me.

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