a confession.

my name is katie and i am by no means an ‘enlightened’ yogi.

i am exactly what your yoga teacher tells you not to be:  a type-A, power-vinyasa-flow-loving, cursing-because-i-can’t-kick-up-into-handstand, multi-tasking, most-people-annoy-me-because-i’m-grumpy-if-i-don’t-get-to-practice, yogi.

case in point:  i’m typing this at the airport while waiting for my flight, eating breakfast, texting my brother, and struggling to not get annoyed at the 12 year old across from me popping his gum.

live in the moment?  i live in about 15.

by day, i’m a hard working, 20-something (i have two more years to get that in there) female struggling to find balance between the fast-paced industry i love, and the practice that has proved so beneficial to me in my life.  by night, i get the chance to be the side-crow rocking, vinyasa-killing rockstar yogi of my dreams.

(that last part might be a bit exaggerated, but this is my mental fantasy, so we’re just going to go with it.  this yogi-super hero image i have in my head also has the stellar rockstar yogi body of sadie nardini, but again, let’s just go with it.)

i’m excited to have this opportunity to join one of the several other newest bloggers on the vancouver yoga review as their saturday sweet-spot.  i can’t promise words of infinite wisdom (i can actually guarantee there will be few), tips on meditation (at which i’ve failed at, successfully), or new recipes for vegan cupcakes (i like meat, although i am intolerant of wheat…but perhaps i could give you a take on some wheat free cake after i learn to bake?) but i can promise some laughs (hopefully) and an honest take through my yogic journey.

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...a selfish yogi, on a constant quest to find zen daily. i've been practicing yoga on and off since i first discovered bryan kest's power yoga series on VHS in college (it was a while ago). since then, i've been practicing in a studio for the last 4 years, however, it wasn't until this previous year that i began practicing consistently. i am admittedly a much, much friendlier person when i get in my mat time. it's so integral to my being that life gets scheduled around yoga--yoga does not get scheduled around life. styles of choice include power or vinyasa, with the occasional hot class on the side for purely meditative benefits. i'm also single and looking, just in case you're a cute, flannel wearing slightly scruffy single man in your late twenties/early thirties and single yogis with blunt bangs and bobs are your thing. (flirtatious *wink*)

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