Be Good to Your Body – Eat Kale Chips!

I’ve been on a cleanse for almost a week now (Tanisha’s on it as well), so I’ve been cooking a lot healthy goodness lately! I just tried a recipe from for Kale Chips. Usually, I’m not a fan of kale since I hate the strong taste it has when it is fried. However, something happens to this cancer-fighting green as it bakes that makes each bite taste delicious. I kid you not! Your body will thank you because one cup of kale has a whopping 354% of your daily value of vitamin A.

Source: fitsugar

I can’t consume any added salt or oil on this cleanse, so I torn the kale into chip size pieces and baked them on a cookie sheet at 275°F for 30 minutes. The chips have a nutty flavor soI didn’t feel the need to add anything to them. The kale turns out super crispy, just like a potato chip. After I removed the cookie sheet from the oven, I put some aside for my husband and added oil and salt – so he was happy.

The recipe calls for tuscan kale, but I used regular green kale and the chips turned out perfectly. Try the recipe with any type of kale you like.  If you’re craving the crunch that a potato chip gives, but are looking for extra nutrition, bake yourself some kale chips today. Yogis will approve 🙂

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