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Yogācāra is an intimate studio conveniently located in Kitsilano – on Traflagar & Broadway. I was lucky enough to try out a Hatha class by Christine on Monday of last week. Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by Studio Director Helene, who kindly gave me a tour of her lovely studio.

Yogācāra is translated from Sanskrit as “one whose practice is Yoga.” One of their mantras is “Yoga…not about being trendy…just about being!” I feel they have achieved a warm, inviting and authentic space that really is about ‘being’.

Complimentary tea, water and cookies!

They have a 13 mat limit, creating a perfect atmosphere for individualized attention from the yoga teacher. Also, they have a raised platform in which the teacher conducts her class from – great for beginners to see how to properly attempt each pose.

Yogācāra offers delicious teas, snacks and water for guests to partake in, in their front waiting area. This room is also a lovely area to meet and chat with fellow yogis before or after each class.

Choosing to affix large Buddhas on the wall (instead of large mirrors) adds to the peaceful atmosphere of their studio. The studio was also exceptionally clean and tidy, which enhanced the zen ambiance.

Mats are provided, as well as all yoga props – all extremely clean as well (cleaner than any other yoga studio I’ve been to in Vancouver). Even if I’m attending a studio that usually provides mats, I will always bring my own. When I return to Yogācāra, I don’t feel the need to bring my own yoga mat.

Zen Buddha Wall

Zen Buddha Wall

Christine provided an excellent Hatha class. Rain pattered gently on the window, calming music played quietly in the background, and candles flickered softly during the rejuvenating class.  I felt like all my major muscles were properly stretched and left class with such a buzz (calm, yet energized all at the same time) that I would have sworn it was a bright, sun-shiny day outside and not a dull, dreary, rainy one!

Yogācāra just might be my new favorite studio – check them out today

Private, individual Far Infrared Sauna sessions are offered. Your first session is $15.00. Teaching training is also offered by the studio, click here.

Connect with Yogācāra on Twitter and Facebook.

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