Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

So, if you haven’t noticed, it’s cold outside.

Yoga in Himalaya: Manali. India., by Eric Lon

I have the hardest time getting myself to yoga when it’s cold outside, all I want to do is curl up with a blanket, and a cup of tea or a glass of wine and be cozy warm at home. Maybe this weather calls for some hot yoga, or 108 sun salutations, whatever the answer its too bad the heat you create doesn’t stay with you on your way home.

This season not only struggles with our “comfort zone,” it leads to the cold or the flu (hopefully neither), and the hectic holiday schedule, which is probably when we need our yoga most.

With all this in mind, I had a viewing of some YouTube yoga classes, for those cold days, when you are feeling a little off or when your local studio has decided to shut down for the holidays or just to fit in during your hectic holiday schedule.

42 Minute Hatha Flow

Sivananda flow – 57 Minutes

Heart Opening

There are lots of full length classes available on YouTube, some are better than others, of course depends what you are looking for. How do you make it to your yoga class on a cold day like today?

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